What is Health Tour?

In each year and for every country we settle in, we have committed to organizing a tour that will put together passionate and professional medical persons who will volunteer to provide quality health screening and support to that whole nation. The tour mainly focuses on some of the most common and known illnesses or diseases then makes an attempt to eradicate them by creating awareness, providing medical drugs and other medical support (including counselling and therapies). Aside the medical professionals and other volunteers we sign up into the program, we also take advantage of the few pharmaceutical and medical facilities who are willing to donate medical resources for the success of the tour. 

We divide the country into several parts and do best to visit every part of the country using the methods of equity than equality. This then makes the people who actually need support receive as much as possible to now create equality.

Our own research teams also work on several processes in order to provide local solutions to some of the most common and rare medical conditions we come across.


Health Tour 2017 Schedule - Ghana

Region Date (2017)
Greater Accra Region March
Brong Ahafo Region April
Western Region May
Central Region June
Eastern region July
Ashanti Region August
Northern Region September
Upper West Region October
Upper East Region November
Volta Region December


The venues for each region will be published periodically per availability to us. You might also want to follow us on our social media pages for more up to date information on this

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
To Search and Find, Study and Understand, Create and Solve

To create an independent body of Scientists who will save the future from now.

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