We are a non-profit Organization focused on providing quality healthcare to everyone and also encouraging the use of technology in everyday lives through Research and innovation. Our primary module which is also our objective is to Search and Find, Study and Understand, Create and Solve. Having this as a lead, we are daily growing a large number of Scientists whose major function is to research on several relevant life needs and then make attempts to solve them wholly. Through our research, we are able to develop solutions to medical challenges, find cures to extreme medical conditions, build machinery, computer programs, devices and many other for which each of us are passionate of. Although these may seem a lot of activities, we understand that its a heavy task and it has to be done so we do it because someone has to do it.

Our large and dedicated support network of over 1,000 volunteers support us with quality campaigns and surveys. We distribute our support through equity rather than equality as the first gives an opportunity for everyone to survive.

Brave Faith Foundation is Funded by a few of our own self-sustainable projects and the generous funding and support from organizations and members of various communities across the world with hearts as big as yours.


To Search and Find, Study and Understand, Create and Solve

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
To Search and Find, Study and Understand, Create and Solve

To create an independent body of Scientists who will save the future from now.

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